1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend to Profess Your Love

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

We’ll admit relationships are tricky, and maintaining the right balance can get overwhelming at times, but when all else fails, gifts come to the rescue. Whether it’s gifts for bridesmaids, moms, dads or friends, they manage to set the right tone every single time.
Whether you forgot your anniversary date or want to plan something special for this milestone, we’re here to help you with what to get for your girlfriend for one year anniversary. There’s no better way to your girl’s heart than through showering her with meaningful gift ideas.

Thoughtfully Selected 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

1. Natural Wood Photo Frame

Natural Wood Photo Frame

Photo frames may seem mundane, but how does a natural wood, engraved wooden frame sound? Picture your favorite couple’s picture together, framed in the canvas of the medium finish wood, reminding your girlfriend of your love every night as she lays to rest with this sight. We can only imagine the sweet dreams she’ll have.

2. Color Changing LED Heart

Color Changing LED Heart

A heart is a universal confession of love – what makes this heart even better is the color-changing LED lights that set the perfect romantic mood. The heartfelt message on the glass heart glows with the changing LED lights and will surely be a sight for sore eyes. Not a single bad day that this heart won’t be able to turn around.

3. Cross Town Backpack

Cross Town Backpack

Instead of pushing around heavy luggage around with her, help your girlfriend out with this sturdy yet chic backpack that can store an arm and a leg. Opting for this bag means quality for a long time coming, whether she goes for an overnight trip, camping, or vacation – all her essentials will be guarded safely in this bag. Won’t she be happy with this gift?

4. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Our list of 1-year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend would be incomplete without a grand romantic gesture that will melt your partner’s heart. This thoughtful wish jar and key denotes the importance of your relationship and lets your girlfriend know that your heart is in her custody now.

5. Personalized Letter Blanket

Personalized Letter Blanket

We’ve tried customized mugs, t-shirts, and LED signs; let’s give a change to this fantastic customizable blanket. It comes in different sizes, and you can have anything your heart desires written all over it. Your girlfriend will love snuggling and watching a movie in her new gift.

6. Love Note Messenger

Love Note Messenger

Long gone are the days when our ancestors used scrolls tied to birds to convey essential messages; now, you have a love note messenger. Through the texts shared via messenger, you can send pictures and memories through the click of an app on your phone. Now photos will feel like real moments instead of distant memories.

7. Wooden Scrapbook

Wooden Scrapbook

Material gifts may fade away, but the memories that you capture and cherish last for eternity. Well, many not forever – but this wooden scrapbook will last your girlfriend a good while. You can fill up the scrapbook any way you like, be it souvenirs, pictures, notes, or postcards.

8. Tree of Life Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace

If you dive deep into the meaning of love and want to express your feelings explicitly, a statement necklace like this is your best bet. Symbolizing your eternal love as the tree of life, show her how special and close to your heart she will always be.

9. Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless Wine Glass

Your girlfriend probably loves hosting girl’s night, and we know, for a fact, no night is complete without the perfect wine to accompany, and no wine drinking experience is whole without this stemless glass. It’s the ideal vessel for her to sip her drink from while also having the chance to savor your first anniversary.

10. Book Art

Book Art

If you’re thinking of something out of the box, we have the perfectly creative book art centerpiece décor for all the bookworm girlfriends. We can’t guarantee if your girlfriend gets mad seeing the pages of a book cut up, but it’s worth it when it serves as a cute reminder of your love and lasting bond. The book opens up to reveal a pop-up of your secret message, which can be completely customized.

11. Engraved Rock

Engraved Rock

Ditch the ugly paperweights, and opt for this first anniversary gift for girlfriend that serves as a proclamation of your unwavering love for your girlfriend as well as a weight for her documents. It’ll look amazing sitting on her desk, across from her, bringing a smile onto her face every time.

12. Magic Box

Magic Box

Your first anniversary is a truly magical moment, and it only fits to surprise your girlfriend with this uniquely designed magic box. You can customize your magic box for free and get any personalized text that will reflect off her walls as she lays in bed at night or unwinds on the weekend.

13. Personalized Collage

Personalized Collage

Sometimes, we realize it can become too tough to choose just one good picture with your girlfriend, so why not get a hundred shots in one frame? Recycle your old memories, and get a customized collage shaped in the form of number one to commemorate the prominent landmark as a couple.

14. Anniversary Keychain

Anniversary Keychain

1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend can be practical, not only romantic. An essential item like a keychain is often overlooked, and it isn’t something your girlfriend would think to purchase for herself. Your first anniversary is the time for you to sweep her off her feet with this practical gift, so she doesn’t lose her keys ever again.

15. Lace Baby Doll Set

Lace Baby Doll Set

Another on our list of good 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend is this lingerie set. Sometimes you need to make your girlfriend realize how beautiful she is, especially after you’ve been together for a year. Spice up your anniversary day with this gorgeous lace underwear set that will prove to be a fun present for both parties involved. A girlfriend can also gift this to her man as a secret present.

16. Iron Sculpture

Iron Sculpture

If you’re moving into a new house with your girlfriend, or if she’s into home décor, we assure you she’ll greatly appreciate this iron passionate couple sculpture. The statue is the ideal amalgamation of chic and romantic, and it’ll go great against any background or setting.

17. Tea Set

Tea Set

Spending one year together is a significant achievement, and it most likely means you’re planning on taking the next step together – building a home with each other. We know your home won’t be complete without the perfect tea set, so get this as a first-anniversary gift for girlfriend and help her entertain guests in style.

18. Pandora Zircon Ring

Pandora Zircon Ring

No matter what your girlfriend says, jewelry will always be among good one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend to make her feel like a princess. The delicate ring with intricately detailed hearts will flatter your girlfriend’s slender hands, and she won’t want to take this sparkling beauty off.

19. Deep Tissue Back Massager

Deep Tissue Back Massager

On the topic of relaxation, we can’t pass up this great deal on the best deep tissue back massager that will reach deep into your girlfriend’s tissue and release the stress. Honestly, this massager is hands down the most needed first-anniversary gift for girlfriend that can be regularly used.

20. Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate Gift Basket

Material gifts aside, edible presents can uplift anyone’s mood, especially your girlfriend’s spirits on your first anniversary. Definitely put this decadent chocolate gift basket on your list of things to get your girlfriend for your one-year anniversary since it’ll always be a mega-hit.

21. Pinky Swear Sculpture

Pinky Swear Sculpture

Spending a year together is just the beginning of a beautiful life journey with your girlfriend, so make her a promise to stand by her side forever on your first anniversary. There’s no better way to swear your love than with this pinky promise sculpture that gives her your word of companionship and support.

22. Aromatherapy Candle Set

Aromatherapy Candle Set

After a long day of work and errands, your girlfriend deserves to be pampered, primarily via your one-year dating anniversary gifts for her. Arrange an at-home spa day for your partner with these sweet-scented candles that will fill up your space with a scintillating scent and relax your girlfriend like never before.

24. Funny Wine Glass

Funny Wine Glass

Sometimes your girlfriend doesn’t want to talk, so let her wine glass do all the talking on her behalf. This hilarious glass will garner a few laughs from her side each time she pours her favorite wine into this cup and takes a long chug.

25. Plush Throw Blanket

Plush Throw Blanket

Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s no better feeling than cuddling on the couch under a soft blanket and binge-watching your favorite show with your partner. Plan your next movie night on your anniversary day and surprise her by draping this cloud on her right as the movie plays.

26. Wellness Tea Sampler

Basswood Jigsaw Puzzle

If your girlfriend is getting into fitness or wants to get into shape for summer, help her with this wellness tea sampler to facilitate the health journey. These delicious herbal teas are the perfect palette cleanser after a heavy meal and will even help her catch a good night’s rest.

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