13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him That Show Your Love

13th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Although you are supposed to show love to your partner through the year, it’s always lovely to receive gifts and tokens of love – especially on your 13th anniversary. To help you make your choice, here’s a hint; lace. The traditional theme for this anniversary is considered lace since it accurately depicts the intricacy of spending over a decade together.
Your man might be low maintenance through the year, but it’s time to splurge when it comes to your anniversary. If you’re thinking, ‘what to give my husband for our 13th wedding anniversary’, you’ve come to the right place.

Other 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him That’ll Keep The Spark Alive

1. Modern Men’s Tie

Multicolor Modern Men's Tie

Mark the big 13 with this lace tie to show your appreciation for a lifetime of love and happiness. You can choose from a range of colors at your disposal that aligns with the taste of your husband. Not only does this lace tie look different than the rest, but it will also be a unique addition to your husband’s collection. Especially if he is a working man, he’ll appreciate the extra choices.

2. Fabric Cuff Links

Fabric Cuff Links

Instead of making a bold statement, you can opt for these delicately created cuff links that feature a slight hint of lace – nothing too extreme. Set within a bronze frame, these cufflinks give a vintage look that will take your husband back to the day he was a groom. Plus, these cufflinks are entirely handcrafted.

3. Slim Wallet

Slim Wallets for Men

What’s better than carrying around those big and bulky wallets that are constantly bulging out of your husband’s pockets? A slim wallet. As the name suggests, this wallet has a sleek and elegant design that is just big enough to carry your essential cards and a little loose change. This wallet will be his perfect partner for those grocery runs or weekend errands.

4. No Tie Shoe Laces

Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

We mentioned how lace is the big trend for this milestone anniversary, but what about taking the theme literally? Invest in these mega practical no-tie shoelaces that can transform any of your husband’s sneakers into a slip-on version. There is not a single shoe that these laces won’t work on, and the comfort they’ll provide your husband will last for another decade to come.

Other 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him That’ll Keep The Spark Alive

5. Rock Shape Photo Plaque

Personalized Picture Frames

Add some flair to the run-of-the-mill photo frames with this rustic-looking rough-cut photo plaque that will go well in any interior space. Plus, the heart shape is just the cherry on top – the perfect proclamation of lasting love. Your husband will love waking up to see a happy memory of you both; it might just turn a bad mood into a good one as well.

6. 13 Years Poster

13 Years Poster Unframed Art

Everyone needs positive affirmations, and this unique poster screams just that. If you’re not there to make your husband feel loved, a glance at this poster will reassure him each time. The poster mentions precisely how many hours, minutes, and even seconds you guys have spent together – that counts as a remarkable 13-year anniversary gift for him.

7. Convertible Sofa Bed

Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Chair

If your husband is a couch potato and loves to spend his weekends lazing on the couch, ignoring all errands – you might want to rethink getting him this sofa bed. But we think he deserves the utmost comfort and cushioning after 13 years. Don’t want to sit upright? Recline the chair and relax. Tired of reclining? Extend the sofa and turn it into a bed within seconds.

8. Pocket watch

Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain

Calling all antique collectors! While this piece, in particular, isn’t antique, it sure gives off a similar look and will pair well with the rest of your husband’s collection. The front and back of this watch are beautifully engraved with intricate designs; you almost can’t even tell that it’s something new.

9. Handmade Leather Cigar Case

Cigar Humidor Case

Keeping in touch with all the classic loving husbands, this cigar case is no exception. Crafted from high-quality leather and fitted with multiple compartments to store cigars, a case such as this one is a class apart. The gift will pair excellently with a pack of your husband’s favorite cigars.

10. KODAK Mini Printer

Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Make sure all your memories are captured forever in the form of candid pictures from all the time spent together. But to truly cherish those moments, you need to be reminded of them constantly. This mini printer is budget-friendly, portable, and most importantly, it will help bridge the gap between seeing those beautiful pictures online and holding them in your grasp

11. Levitating Bonsai Plant

Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Bonsai plants are said to bring good luck; simultaneously, keeping them inside your home will help clear out the air and add some greenery inside. Placing this levitating plant on your husband’s side of the bed or even his office desk will provide him with something nice to look at. Plus, the levitation aspect of it makes it look so much cooler.

12. LED Strip Lights

Color Changing Lights Strip

Judging from social media apps, we realize that LED lights are all the rage lately. From teenagers to adults, everyone is hopping onto the bandwagon, and we love it. As we’re sure, your husband will love these lights too. They can swiftly transform the vibe of the entire space, and your husband gets the liberty to change the colors according to his mood.

13. Tactical Pen

Gifts for Men Dad,Tactical Pen

Men love their tools and gadgets, especially those that come in handy in dire situations. We chose the tactical pen among the 13th wedding anniversary gifts for males as a perfect match for your handyman husband. Ranging from being a fire starter to a compass, he can carry around this pen everywhere and anywhere.

14. Book Organizer

Book Storage Organizer Shelves

We all have a bookworm in our lives, and if that happens to be your husband, you’re just in luck. A gorgeous book organizer such as this one will not only hold your husband’s favorite books, but it will look aesthetically appealing while doing so. Instead of leaving his books scattered around, your husband will now have a place to store and organize them.

15. Beard Kit

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care

If all else fails, you can always fall back on the reliable self-grooming kit. An extensive kit like this includes all the products your husband will need to upkeep and maintain those luscious locks on his face. Overall, you get a great deal and your money’s worth – not to forget the surety that your husband will use it regularly.

16. Portable Key Ring

Cables, Portable Keyring

More on the practical 13th wedding anniversary gifts for him is this utilitarian keyring with a universal cable connector that serves as a USB too. No matter which corner of the world your husband is in, he’ll always be able to make use of this gadget. On top of it all, the magnetic clasp on this device means that he’ll never misplace your USB.

17. Garden Tool Set

Garden Tools Set

Now, this may not be your standard pick in 13th wedding anniversary presents for him, but if your husband has a green thumb, he’ll love this one. Any tools that he needs to grow a lush green pasture are held within this set, whether he’s into flowers, trees, or developing a kitchen garden. You’ll reap the benefits of this tool kit, too, when you see the blooming garden.

18. Leather Bracelet

Mens Leather Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

Accessories look equally good on the male gender, so indulge your husband with an essential yet classy leather bracelet that can go with any outfit. This might just end up becoming the one piece he wears daily. Plus, the bracelet isn’t just a plain old leather strap; it comes with intricately braided strands that add some flair.

19. Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is known for its high quality, exceptional speakers, and this waterproof one from them is no different. Not only will he get to enjoy music elsewhere, but your husband can hang the speaker in the washroom and enjoy his favorite tunes during a nice, hot shower.

20. Modern Floor Lamp

Modern Decorative Cool Floor Lamp

Whether your husband works in his own space or a corporate office – get him this unique floor lamp since we all know men won’t buy interior décor themselves. This plywood lamp comes with different finishes so that you can take your pick according to your husband’s taste.

21. 13 Year Anniversary Coffee Mug

13 Year Anniversary Coffee Mug for Him

Keep things super simple with this coffee mug that will celebrate the 13-year landmark you have hit in your marriage. Coffee mugs are always a great option since they are rather versatile – he can use them for his morning coffee, keep them on the shelf as décor, or place it on his work desk and use it as a pen holder.

22. Black and White Duvet Covers

Sleepwish Black and White Duvet Cover

This 13-year anniversary gift for him is guaranteed to garner a hearty laugh from your husband – a duvet that calls you Mrs. Always Right! This present is great to pull your husband’s leg and keep things entertaining in your relationship. It doesn’t hurt that this cotton duvet set is relatively comfortable to sleep on as well.

23. Phone Docking Station

Wood Phone Docking Station

First thing in the morning, we all check our phones, from business emails to texts from friends or the latest updates on social media. Gift your husband this docking station that he can keep on his bedside table that will not only help him to charge his phone nearby but also store other essentials like his glasses, earphones, or other knick-knacks.

24. Funny Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug for Him for wife

We present to you another mug, yet this one comes with a hilarious quote printed on the front to crack him up every day. Each time he sees this, he’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside but it also will help to lift his spirits. You can never go wrong with a coffee mug.

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