Baby Gifts for Twins Boy and Girl So They Never Fight Who Gets What

baby gifts for twins boy and girl

The arrival of a newborn is a cause for celebration – the arrival of twins, however, calls for extra festivity and flair. There is seldom anything more exciting than bringing two new lives into this world simultaneously, although it means double the hard work for the parents.
Choosing gifts for two babies can be tricky but what hard is there left in this world of the internet?
We have come up with some of the genuinely best baby gifts for twins boy and girl for all the confused family members and friends. Keep reading to find the options you may not have thought of previously. And we assure you, this list doesn’t contain one single irrelevant gift idea.

23 Baby Gifts for Twins Boy and Girl You Can Never Go Wrong With

1. Baby Bib Set

Twins Baby Bibs set

Keep in mind, each gift you’re thinking of getting – double it! This bib set that comes with two drinking partner bibs is the most adorable and practical present you can get. Babies will always create a mess during feeding time, and a bib is a parent’s most loved accessory to keep things under control.

2. Crochet Bracelets

Twin Bracelets Newborn

Bracelets are not only gifts for the ladies at their anniversaries – babies can be recipients as well. Picture all the cute matching outfits the twins can rock, but something is missing – accessories, of course! Get the newborn these heartwarming handmade crochet bracelets. They’re soft, cozy, and totally appropriate for babies without being a choking hazard. Plus, you have the option to choose from numerous color options.

3. Unisex I love Mommy & Daddy Bodysuit

Unisex-Baby Newborn Bodysuit

Even though babies grow out of their clothing faster than you can blink, it is always nice to add to the collection. Parents love taking family photos of their twins to capture these precious moments for a lifetime, and these matching ‘I love Mommy & Daddy’ bodysuits will help achieve just that.

4. Womb Mates Bib Set

Twins Baby Bibs Set Black

As mentioned before, toddlers are the messiest eaters on the planet, and parents can never have enough help. If you can’t help them, give them these matching bibs to keep the kid’s clothes clean during meals. The snap closure ensures the babies cannot take them off quickly and helps keep utensils safe.

5. Aurora Plush Bundle

Aurora Plush Bundle

Get these soft plush toys that come in a set of two so that neither of the twins feels left out during playtime. Each of the babies will have a plush toy to keep them company or even help them during the painful process of teething.

6. Yummz Baby Bodysuit

Yummz Tomato Twins Baby Outfits

Newborns can never have too many outfits, especially with this adorable matching set, they can rock together. These ketchup and mustard bodysuits are the perfect analogy for how well the twins complement each other. Not to forget, the 100% cotton outfits will provide the twins with comfort while they lounge around all day.

7. Baby Carrier

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

It’s easy to find baby carriers for one baby, but we’re bringing you a carrier that carries twins. Think of this among the ideal baby shower gifts for twin boy and girl because it provides a practical solution for soon-to-be parents. This gift perfectly encompasses all the ergonomic needs for the parent and the twins while you’re running errands.

8. Nursery Center

Baby Twins Nursery Center

Bombarded with multiple options online, we’ve shortlisted the best boy girl twin gifts for you. A nursery center such as this one comes with detachable bassinets in case the twins need to be looked after separately. Additionally, it’s lined with plush for the baby’s utmost comfort, and the wheels will enable the parents to stroll the cart anywhere around the house quickly.

9. Erasable Doodle Book

Car Game Painting Kids Set

Young years are the most crucial time in a child’s development, and it is essential to expose them to different activities to engage their brain and boost their creative skills. An erasable doodle book will provide the twins with the chance to express their artistic side without being wasteful – the twins can keep on using and reusing this book.

10. Fresh Food Feeder

Fresh Food Feeder 2 Pack

Parents are always worried about their infants choking on items, whether it’s a toy or food. When they start feeding their twins solid foods like fruits and veggies, it’s always a cause for being extra cautious. Using a food feeder means that any harm is avoided, and only the delicious juices and pulp reaches the baby’s mouth.

11. Twins Survival Guide

The Twins Survival Guide

No advice you give to the new parents of twins will be better than a 300 plus page guide from pregnancy till the first year after the baby’s arrival. The book covers almost all queries or concerns the parents may have and will help to equip them with all the right tools and tips to fight their battle.

12. Fanatic Pacifier

Baby Fanatic Pacifier

A pacifier is a lifesaver for most parents who swear by them, especially when it comes to soothing their kids or putting them to sleep. These BPA-free, completely safe, and secure pacifiers will come in great use for the parents as they maneuver through life with twins. There are so many options to chose from which enhances the excitement.

13. Double Umbrella Stroller

Compact Double Umbrella Stroller

Safety always comes first with newborns as the parents venture into the outside world with them. An umbrella stroller not only protects the children from the harsh sun or rain but also keeps them protected from gazing eyes or any germs. Now the parents can multitask each time they step out with this sturdy, high-quality double stroller without worrying about the twins’ comfort.

14. Hammock Swing

Baby hammock swings for twins

Parents will have a double workload when taking care of twins, especially while juggling work and household chores. A hammock is the safest way to ensure your kids are soothed, yet they remain in front of your range of sight at all times while you perform other tasks. The parents can place this woven cotton swing anywhere they wish to, and it’ll only add to the aesthetics of the space.
Imagine listening to their delightful waves of laughter as they swing in front of you doing dishes in the kitchen!

15. Funny Twin Onesie

Twin outfits boy girl Twins baby gift

This is one of the cutest newborn twins boy and girl gifts that not only looks cute but will also add creativity to the baby’s wardrobe. Childhood is the only time you can control the kid’s outfits and dress them up with funny outfits such as this one, so we say go for it while you have the opportunity.

16. Funny Baby Bodysuits

Funny Twins Baby Bodysuits

The arrival of twins can be the gateway to some hilarious gifts to poke fun at the incoming pile of responsibilities on the parents. Keep things lighthearted with this set of two bodysuits that are guaranteed to garner a laugh from not only parents but passersby too. The situation could not be summed up better than this ‘Buy one’ and ‘Get one free’ suits.

17. Boy Girl Twin Outfit

Twins Baby Clothes

If you’re in the market for unique baby gifts for twins boy and girl we have just the right option for you. These outfits specifically cater to the boy and girl twins, with their respective t-shirts featuring a mustache and lipstick. Plus, people won’t have any trouble differentiating between them in these outfits!

18. Animal Activity Jumperoo

Animal Activity Jumperoo

It’s hard enough keeping one baby entertained – twins only mean extra effort. But fear not, with this engaging animal activity walker, both the children will stay busy while the parents get a break to get work done. Using music, lights, and sounds, this Jumperoo entails it all, the twins will not only play, but they’ll develop cognitive skills too.

19. Baby Bodysuit with Matching Caps

Twins Bodysuit with hat Born Together

Among all the clothing options provided for twin babies, what sets these bodysuits apart are the adorable matching caps. This outfit will make for some great family portraits and keep the children warm too! You have the option to choose from a plethora of bright colors to keep things more fun and engaging.

20. Twin Pillow

Twin Z Pillow Breastfeeding Bottlefeeding & Bottlefeeding

The twins will play together, start school together and even eat together, so why not put them to sleep together with this adorable twin pillow as well. Whether it’s nap time or you put them to sleep at night, this comfortable pillow will provide the ideal back and neck support to preserve their posture and give them a good night’s rest.

21. SwaddleMe Set

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 2 Pack

When a baby goes to sleep, it is essential for them to be swaddled – where their arms and legs are tightly wrapped to prevent them from flailing around at night. This swaddle set will be perfect for helping achieve just that, and the soft material will further add to the comfort.

22. Grip Rattle

Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle2 Pack

Coming to small yet impactful gifts for twins boy and girl babies, we chose this grip rattle that is a practical everyday toy that will keep the twins distracted. This lightweight rattle uses bright colors to attract the toddlers, and the ridges even help them during teething.

23. Baby Socks Gifts Set

Baby Socks Newborn Gift Set

At last, we have this cute sock set for you. They have got the most thoughtful, smile-provoking and relevant messages on them that you can imagine. Plus, being made out of cotton, spandex and nylon, they are highly comfortable. Another plus, there are non-slip grippers on the bottom which prevents them from slipping on the floor.

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