22 Quirky Father of the Groom Gifts

father of the groom gifts

Not to outshine the groom on his special day, but we definitely think dads deserve a token of love for this milestone in their son’s life. From the moment a son is born, the father envisions his own legacy continued through his heir, so we can only assume how meaningful the wedding of his son may be.
Think outside the box and choose a wedding gift for father of the groom from our range of unique picks.

Expect the Unexpected with These Different Father of the Groom Gifts

1. Engraved Tumbler

SassyCups Father of the Groom Tumbler

With all the wedding responsibilities resting on the father’s shoulders, one can only imagine the strenuous hard work he will be putting in for the big day. All those moments when he’s tired and burnt out, this engraved father of the groom tumbler will come in handy. One look at this tumbler and he’ll be reminded of all the beautiful moments that are awaiting him.

2. Tuxedo Drinking Glass

Party Rocks Glass

Oh boy! During the stress of planning a wedding, the father of the groom is bound to need a refreshing glass of his favorite whiskey to take off the edge – and what better way to drink it than in a customized glass made just for him. It’ll look sleek in his hand, and even better resting on his shelf once the wedding is done.

3. Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch The Groom Gifts for Wedding

Now you don’t want the father of the groom to be late for his own son’s wedding events, right? Remind him to be on time and look dashing while doing so with this engraved father of the groom pocket watch that will fit right into his tuxedo pocket or jacket. Plus, the black color will pair well with any outfit.

4. Father-in-Law Tie Patch

Father in Law Wedding Tie Patch

Another great wedding gift for the father of the groom is this tie patch that will tug at his heartstrings and truly make him feel appreciated by his future daughter-in-law. Show your husband’s family that you accept them as your own, and make this sweeping gesture to wow his entire family, especially his dad.

5. Personalized Photo Frame

Groom Photo Frame Personalized Gift

We all know how much dad’s love taking pictures and capturing beautiful moments with their friends and family. We suggest that you find your father’s favorite picture with his son and get it placed in a beautiful background of your choosing. Presents such as these serve as great memorabilia for years to come.

6. Trifold Sleek Wallet

Levi's Men's Trifold Wallet Credit Card Holder

One of our favorite picks for the unique father of the groom gifts entails this extremely handy and practical wallet. It is so easy to run out of space in his wallet, with the piles of receipts, cards and cash – so make his life easy with this rustic yet class accessory available in various finishes. The card holder is perfect to stock as many cards as his heart desires!

7. Oval Wedding Cufflinks

Wedding Cufflinks for Mens Shirt

No outfit is complete without a sleek-looking pair of cufflinks to tie the whole look together, and the father of the groom of all people needs to look his best. Gift him these silver engraved cufflinks that scream classy yet intimate, and will look great adorned on the wedding day.

8. Father-in-Law Fishing Lure

Fisherman Father in Law Gift

Calling out to all those fathers of the groom that love fishing trips on the weekend and spending time in the wilderness. Your wedding is the perfect time to surprise your future father-in-law with this engraved fishing lure that will not only melt his heart but your husband’s too.

9. Multifunctional Luxury Pen

DAD Engraved Gift Pen with Flashlight

While a luxury pen is usually a standard gift that a father gives to his grown son, we think it’s time to switch things up a bit. Show your father a gesture of gratitude before the wedding bells with this engraved dad pen, which doubles as a flashlight. This is definitely a strong contender for father of the groom gifts from son that serve as a perfect token for all the fond memories.

10. Personalized Flask Set

Engraved Custom Hip Flasks For Dad

We think wedding time is the perfect opportunity to give your father a gift he will appreciate and definitely use well – a flask set. The best part is that it comes with a prewritten, heartfelt message right at the front, leaving a mark on your dad’s heart. Plus, he will be able to make his famous drinks with his own set now.

11. Fire Starter Lighter Keychain

SURVIVE Permanent Match

For the man who raised you and helped you become the person you are today, we think it’s only fitting that you gift him a lifesaving present such as this fire starter keychain. Any time your dad is out camping stuck in a pickle, he can whip out this lighter and he’ll have a warm, cozy fire in no time. He would have gotten these types of gifts in his recent years of marriage, but now is the time to revive that memory.
Maybe even take him to your favorite campsite and surprise him with this handy tool.

12. Cigar Case

Cigar Travel Case Humidor

Speaking about grand gestures for your father, we think this cigar case is the perfect gift for all those classy father of the grooms that love smoking a Cuban cigar sitting in their favorite armchair. The case is sturdy, easy to travel with, and your father will love it even more if you pair it with a set of cigars too.

13. Watch Storage Box

Storage Boxes, Men & Women Jewelry Display

Over the years, a man collects watches, many of which are intimate and hold great value in his life, be it a gift from a parent, partner or child. And what better way to store these memories than with a box gifted to him by his soon-to-be married son. This box includes 2 tiers, so your dad will never run out of storage space – at least we hope so! This is another one of the practical father of the groom presents.

14. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glasses with Luxury Box

For an old-fashioned father of the groom, one needs to delve deep into father of the groom gifts, until we stumbled upon these gems. A classic and elegant-looking set of crystal whiskey glasses are a must-have for the father who loves to drink his aged whiskey or even entertain his friends. The exquisite detailing on these glasses truly sets them apart and gives them an extra expensive look.

15. Corn hole Set

Triumph Premium Cornhole set

If your family loves hosting game nights or playing games together in their spare time, we have the perfect find for you. This corn hole set is bound to serve as an icebreaker on many occasions and will help the father of the groom spend his time in a productive manner. After all, we know how much fathers love playing games too!

16. Handcrafted Chess Board

Handcrafted Olive Wood Chess Board

A handmade chess board screams luxury and class, which is exactly what the father of the groom deserves. After working hard all these years, he deserves a break, where he can sit back, relax, and play a good game of chess on this beautiful board with his buddies. It doesn’t hurt that this gorgeous chessboard doubles as home décor as well.

17. Papa Bear Slippers

Dearfoams Men Slipper

Moving on to the small yet useful father of the groom gifts, you will find these comfortable fuzzy slippers. Whether it’s the cold, harsh winter climate, or the chilly marble flooring, these slippers will protect his feet and keep them warm at all times. You can never go wrong with slippers, especially these ones that are lined for extra support and comfort.

18. Film Roll Keychain

Photo Reel Album Personalized Gifts

Another sentimental gift for the father of the groom would be this film roll keychain, featuring all his favorite moments with family. You can even add some special additions from the soon-to-be husband and wife’s journey to make him part of the journey. A keychain will travel everywhere with him, and so will these heartwarming pictures.

19. LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp Touch Control Desk Lamp

After all those late nights the father of the groom burnt the midnight oil to provide for his family, he deserves an efficient desk lamp to illuminate his space, day or night. This battery-operated lamp comes with three different modes he can adjust according to his mood. It also has a memory feature, auto-timer and is 360-degrees rotatable.

20. Body Spray

OffCourt Body Spray for Men

Now this gift is a no-brainer. Running errands for the wedding, taking care of his family or staying fit – the father of the groom does it all. And while he carries out this physical activity, it is equally important for him to smell good using this pack of three aluminum-free body sprays.

21. Outdoor Rocking Chair

RoadTrip Rocker Outdoor Rocking Chair

Dads are always in need of their go-to chair, especially while they relax on their front porch or need a resting place during weekend barbeques. A portable chair is perfect for him, whether he’s off on another camping adventure or needs a cool place to enjoy the breeze in the sweltering summertime. It keeps the bones and muscles moving which prevents body aches and soreness.

22. Echo Show 5

Echo Show Smart display with Alexa

Dads love their gadgets, and so will the father of the groom. A multi-usage device such as this is perfect for him with the 5.5-inch display screen and in-built Alexa to help navigate through daily chores. The best part is, he can even watch TV shows, movies, or watch the news, whether he’s working out, gardening or lazing around.


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