26 Fantastic Gifts for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

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A wedding is no less than a theatrical play – there are main characters, supporting roles, and some background players, too, not to forget the props, lights, stage, and sound effects. Behind this massive production are some small actors, mainly the flower girl and ring bearer, usually the children nearest and dearest to the bride and groom. Just like gifts for father of the bride and presents for father of the groom, they deserve to be appreciated as well.
Giving them small tokens of appreciation is great to boost their morale. Here are perfect wedding gifts for flower girl and ring bearer that will spread a wide smile on their faces and a guarantee you a kiss from their side.

Choose the Right Gift for the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer in Your Life

1. Faux Fur Bolero

Faux Fur Wedding Dress Up

We’re all guilty of binge-watching wedding videos with gorgeous bridesmaids and flower girl outfit ideas. We think nothing can beat this faux fur bolero for a cute gift for a flower girl that is the perfect combination of chic and elegant. We can already imagine her walking on the red carpet, throwing the precious flower petals around, a stark contrast against the icy white fur.

2. Wish Bracelet

Wish Bracelet

A cute way to approach your chosen flower girl is to attract her with these customized bracelets, available in any color of your choice. Of course, these bracelets are made according to your taste, so they’re unique and different too.

3. Initial Necklace

Jewelry is the perfect gift, whether you’re a young girl or a fully grown woman – especially for your flower girl who can start building her collection. Get her initial customized with this sterling silver necklace embedded with cubic zircons to elevate the look and add some flair.

4. Tumbler For Wedding

Ring Bearer tumbler wedding gift

Elevate the hydration game with these cute water tumblers that are customizable to feature the names of your ring bearer or flower girl. These plastic cups are BPA-free and double insulated to keep the drinks inside safe and sound from the weather conditions.

5. Crayola Art Case

Crayola Art Case Gifts for Kids

Stimulate and unleash the hidden artist in your little wedding representatives with this extensive art set that includes all the supplies a kid would need. From crayons and markers to colored pencils and paper, this set contains everything to keep the child engaged and entertained. Who knows there may be a future Picasso in the making?

6. Foam Gun Set

Gemini Shooting Games for Kids

Whether it’s a flower girl or a ring bearer, all children thoroughly enjoy playing with these toy guns. The whole experience – from loading the foam bullets to setting up the gun and locking the target is thrilling for the kids, and it’ll be hard to pull them away from this gift.

7. Flying Ball Toy

Flying Ball Kids Birthday Gifts

Children have an abundance of toys at their disposal, yet they’re always looking for something new and innovative. If you’re looking to spoil your flower girl and ring bearer, definitely gift them this set of flying LED balls controlled via hand gestures. The kids can spend countless hours playing in the outdoors with them.

8. Customized Teddy Bear

Give the little angles a new cuddle partner at night with these adorable and soft customized teddy bears made to order for either a ring bearer or flower girl. You have the option to buy them as a two-piece set too, in case you want to get two birds with one stone. This gift idea for flower girl and ring bearer will definitely become their hot favorite.

9. Kids Camera

Everyone hires professional photographers to capture beautiful and intimate wedding moments. Still, according to us, nothing beats assigning those roles to the kids, specifically your ring bearer and flower girl. Hand them this simple kids camera, and give them the freedom to capture whatever their heart desires, starting from the wedding.

10. Sunglasses Set

Girl Sunglass Set

Hear us out; nothing looks cooler than your flower girl or ring bearer walking out into the aisle with their cool shades on. It makes them look super mysterious and makes their job look just as important as the others, if not more. Plus, it’ll make for some great family pictures and videos too.

11. Water Bottle

Ring Bearer Water Bottle

Everyone drinks water, so everyone always needs a water bottle, right? Especially the hardworking minions, the ring bearer, and the flower girl. They’ll be on their feet from the time they’re assigned their roles up until the big day rolls around, so trust us, they need this present.

12. Proposal Puzzle

Proposal Puzzle Girl Gifts

Create a fun activity for your chosen flower girl, maybe even host a game night for her to propose her. Layout this proposal puzzle, and by the time she solves it, the question will unravel in front of her eyes. Asking her in this heartfelt way will create great memories to laugh about later in life.

13. Charm Bracelet

Zuo Bao Bridesmaids Gifts

A flower girl is a special girl in your life, and you should spoil her too. Show her your love and appreciation through this charm bracelet that comes with a heartwarming text that will make her feel adored every time she glances down at it.

14. Proposal Pillow

Getting more creative with our gift ideas, we present to you this proposal puzzle that reveals the big question with the change in the direction of the sequins. You have the flexibility to choose the colors of the sequins and the text of the question, plus it can become home décor after the wedding!

15. Scratch Card

Keeping in line with using fun activities to unleash the question, here’s a scratch card option that your flower girl won’t see coming from1 a mile. As she scratches away to reveal the precious question, you’ll catch her off-guard, and it’ll make for a great story to recall later.

16. Plush Doll

If your flower girl is below the age of twelve, she’ll love this plush toy, which she can decorate on her bed or add to her collection of stuffed toys. This gift for flower girl is customizable, so you can make it look as similar to your flower girl as possible, by writing her name on it. We are sure she would show it to her friends at the school.

17. Hooded Unicorn Blanket

There is nothing better than the feeling of being engulfed by a big warm blanket in the cooler months and snuggling on the couch. And when that blanket contains a unicorn, the excitement reaches a new level of awesomeness. The rainbow unicorn head attached to the blanket will make he wanna kiss you instantly.

18. Lace Dress

Lace Wedding Party Flower Dress

In case you’re on the hunt for flower girl outfits, we’ve picked out the ideal feminine yet elegant floral dress that your girl can rock on the wedding day. You have a variety of color options to choose from, so she can match with your bridesmaids too.

19. Flower Girl Gift Box

Flower Girl Gift Box

Make your flower girl feel like the most special girl on the planet with a whole kit dedicated just to her. It comes with a floral crown that she can adorn on her head during the wedding ceremony, plus an illustrated storybook to teach her all about the important role.

20. Wire Hanger

Wire Hanger

It may sound strange to gift your flower girl a wire hanger, but there’s nothing better than matching hangers for your wedding clothes. While everyone gets dressed for the big day, your flower girl will have a specialized hanger for her clothes too.

21. Sticker Activity Box

Sticker Activity Box

Girls love their stickers, from embellishing their gadgets to decorating their notebooks and cabinets. Your flower girl will love this set featuring over 1000 stickers of her favorite Disney princesses, which she will never run out of – quite literally.

Gifts for a Ring Bearer

22. Proposal Puzzle

Proposal Puzzle

Amongst the ideas for ring bearer gifts, we’re keeping this puzzle number one because of the element of surprise and fun involved. From the moment your ring bearer unboxes this puzzle to the moment he assembles it, the mystery will intensify, and it’ll be a fun way to drop the proposal question.

23. Ring Security Shirt

Ring Security Shirt

Whether your ring bearer is a toddler or a young child, we have you covered with all sizes in this customizable shirt. You can opt for t-shirts with your name alongside the ring bearer’s title. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even dress him up in this special outfit for the big day while he walks down the aisle with your ring.

24. Ring Box Security Set

Ring Box Security Set

Being in charge of the wedding ring is no easy task! As you transfer this mega responsibility onto the shoulders of your ring bearer, help him transform into private security with the earpiece, sunglasses, and security box. While it’s all fun and games, the child will thoroughly enjoy this experience.

25. Laser Engraved Baseball

Ring Bearer Gift Ideas for Boys

Baseball is a serious sport for us Americans, and it’s practically the first thing a father teaches his son after they can walk. We bet your ring bearer is a huge baseball fan too, and what better way than to get him his very own customized baseball.

26. Ring Security Badge

Ring Security Badge

Another great option for a wedding keepsake is this ring security badge that will make your ring bearer almost feel like he’s in an action movie. He could even wear it on his wedding tuxedo as he brings the rings to you, making for some cute pictures and laughs.

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