Surprise Her with These Gifts for New Mom in Hospital

Gifts for new mom in hospital

Giving birth is a beautiful experience, no doubt, yet it can be a rather draining one, too – and most moms are left feeling weak, unwell, or lethargic. In these circumstances, the ideal pick me up is to shower them with gifts.
But what useful gift to bring to the hospital for a new mom? No worries, here are just the perfect gift ideas for the new mom to embrace her motherhood.

Check Out These 26 Gifts for New Mom in Hospital She Would Love To Have Around Her

1. Mama Bear Crew Neck Shirt

Mama Bear T Shirts

New moms already bring their arsenal of supplies with them to the hospital, but with the tiring process of giving birth and the stress that comes with it, they always need a fresh change of clothing. Help her out with this adorable mama bear t-shirt that will show your support and keep her comfortable.

2. Nursing Pillow

Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

Among the hospital gifts for new mom in hospital comes the much-needed and loved nursing pillow that all moms swear by. It not only helps make breastfeeding the child much easier, but the new mom will greatly appreciate all the help and tips she can get.
A great example of a gift a new mom won’t buy herself, so you need to!

3. Hydration Mist with Aloe

Elevated Hydration Mist

Amidst all the changes and emotions a new mom goes through, giving birth can take a toll on her skin. Being in the hospital after birth can bring her spirits down, and she might not be looking after herself too well. Step in and hand her this ultra-hydrating and cooling mist that she can spray all over her face anytime and achieve that mom glow.

4. Stackable Brass Bracelets

Chain Bracelets for Women

While practical presents are always welcome, let’s look at other great gift ideas for new moms in the hospital. The first thing that comes to mind is jewelry – yes, you read that right. It’s the weakness of every woman – even moms who stay at home love having them. Although the last thing a new mom will do is worry about accessorizing at the hospital, a bracelet like this one comes into play as a token of love.

5. Lavender and Lilac Spa Gift Set

Lilac Spa Gift Basket For Women

Speaking of self-care, nothing screams relaxation more than this extensive spa gift basket that comes with beautiful lavender and lilac-infused products. Lavender is said to help calm the nerves while hydrating the body, precisely what a new mom needs. She will have all the self-care bases covered when she comes home and delves into a nice, long relaxing bath.

6. Matching Bear T-shirts

Matching Family T Shirts for Mama

How adorable will a new mom look wearing matching t-shirts with her new family? Gift her exactly that with this matching set that includes a t-shirt for the mom, dad, and baby. We’re already imagining all the cute pictures the family can take in the hospital adorning their matching shirts – it’s too much to handle.

7. Cup Coffeemaker

Cup Coffeemaker

God knows how many sleepless nights are to come in a new mom’s life – from a crying baby in the middle of the night to those nightmares the kid will have, and not to forget the constant worry for her child. What’s going to help her stay up? This fantastic 5 cup coffee maker that delivers restaurant quality right at home.

8. Skin Recovery Care Package Set

New Moms Skin Recovery Set

As a new mom’s body changes during labor, so might other things such as her skin, hair, and nails. To cover her skincare regimen, get her this super hydrating cocoa butter formula set that targets the problem areas of a new mom. From a tightening body lotion to nursing butter, these are precisely the things she will need.

9. Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

Running after a toddler is no easy task, especially since new moms already have a million other responsibilities around the house or work. Trust us; there’s nothing more she’d want than to place her feet on than this massager that targets to release any stress using its heat technology. The kneading motion works wonders to relieve all foot pain – it might get hard to get her away from the massager.

10. 3-in-1 Diaper Bag

3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack

We all know moms are superheroes, but each superhero is incomplete without their team of helpers. And as we know it, this 3-in-1 diaper bag is just the accomplice a new mom needs in all her future endeavors. This sturdy backpack can be opened up to serve as a cushioned changing mat alongside a small bed for the baby.

11. Hand-painted Sculpture

Willow Tree for Always Sculpted

Add some motherhood flair to a new mom’s home décor with this plain yet elegant sculpted figure of a mom with her baby. The muted color scheme of this sculpture can easily match with any color palette, and it will look adorable displayed with other keepsakes for the baby or family pictures.

12. Mama Dainty Necklace

Mama Necklace

Among our thoughtful list of gifts for new mom in hospital is this small and delicate necklace that serves as great memorabilia of the beautiful moments she will spend in the hospital. Mark the beginning of her motherhood journey with this 14K gold necklace that is not only heartwarming but gorgeous to look at and might end up becoming an everyday staple for her.

13. Adult Coloring Book

Coloring Book for Adults

Coloring isn’t just reversed for children; it’s an excellent way to keep your mind occupied and unleash your creativity. In fact, studies even show how the act of coloring can help alleviate stress, so what more do we need to say? A coloring book is a fun way to keep a new mom busy in the hospital.

14. Body Massage Oil

Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil

Another answer on what to get for a new mom in hospital is this oil. A massage is heaven for a new mom, especially one confined to the hospital bed post-birth. This therapeutic oil is infused with Jojoba, sweet almond, and grape seed oil – all of which have excellent healing properties. An amalgamation of all these essential oils will reach deep into a new mom’s skin tissue and help her relax.

15. Long Sleeve Nightshirt

Women Nightshirt Long Sleeve Button

Comfort is critical; whether a new mom is sleeping or awake, she must have it at all times. This V-neck button-down nightshirt is the perfect helper she’ll need to breastfeed her child because of the easy access. Plus, the stretchy and breathable material will give her a good night’s rest, even if it’s in the hospital bed.

16. We Are Three Sculpture

Willow Tree We are Three, Sculpted

Of course, while you are gifting something sentimental for a new mom, keep in mind the other essential partner without whom this journey would be impossible – the daddy! We don’t want to take the spotlight away from her, but this sculpture ideally includes the daddy and child, completing their whole family.

17. Shiatsu Back and Foot Massager

Back and Neck Massage Pillow

What’s better than a foot massager? A back and foot massager, all in one! This three-dimensional massager comes with kneading technology that will get rid of all the knots that form in a new mom’s back or the soreness of her feet. If she’s going to be on her feet with her newborn, better equip her with the appropriate tools.

18. Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

This is another best gift for a new mom in hospital.
Putting a baby to sleep is a challenge; many factors disturb a child without the new mom even knowing. One of the best gifts to bring to the hospital for a new mom is this sound machine that will instantly put the newborn to sleep. The sound machine comes with an in-built night light to soothe the baby and the facility to control all the settings via Bluetooth.

19. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat

A new mom won’t experience true relaxation until she lays down on this heavenly mat and rests her head on the pillow. A few minutes on this mat will help reduce her muscle stress, back pain, and headaches, as it targets all the pressure points on the body. The increased blood circulation this mat provides makes it the best gift for a new mom in hospital.

20. Stainless Steel ID Plate

Stainless Steel ID Plate Bracelets

You can get anything under the sun engraved on this bracelet for a new mom, ranging from her child’s birthday to the date she found out she was pregnant. Any memorable date or place will mean the world to a new mom, and she’ll keep this bracelet safe for ages to come.

21. Universal Phone Grip

Universal Grip For Smartphone

With a baby on board, a mom’s phone is likely to slip away from her hand or be knocked out by her child. This phone grip means business, so her phone will be protected and won’t drop out of her hand. Plus, it comes with a variety of color combinations, so choose according to her taste.

22. Maternity Robe

Womens Maternity Robe Nursing Labor Delivery

If you want an easy gift to bring to hospital for a new mom, this is the one.
Walking around in her hospital room or even lounging on the hospital bed, a new mom must feel comfortable. This maternity robe doubles as a nursing gown because of how easy it is to slip on and off. The soft and stretchable material makes this robe great for post-partum as well as for regular use.

23. Organic Prunes

ORGANIC Prunes Portion

Maintaining a healthy diet post-birth is equally essential for the mother’s health and the child’s. Prunes are rich in antioxidants that will rid her body of harmful toxins and provide her with the energy she needs to regain after giving birth. They also taste great, so it’s an excellent snack anytime she feels hungry.

24. Nipple Cream

Nipple Cream for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can make a new mom’s nipples sore, and it can become painful or hard to manage. Provide her with all the help she can get with this nipple cream that will help soothe any pain and keep her nipples healthy. Additionally, it’s unscented and safe for the baby – so she won’t have to remove it before breastfeeding.

25. Chocolate Protein Bar

Chocolate Sea Salt, Protein Bar

Energize the new mom in your life with this protein bar that tastes divine – it’s a win-win situation. We all know hospital food isn’t the best, and anytime she’s sick of it, she can indulge herself with one of these bars.

26. Parenting Magazine

The Happiest Mom

While the journey to motherhood may start in a hospital bed, the process continues lifelong. There are so many bumps along the way, especially for a new mom; there’s a totally different learning curve. In such times, a subscription to a magazine that drops by monthly to provide valuable tips and tricks will be a lifesaver.

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