Iron Anniversary Gifts that will bring a Smile on Your Partner’s Face

iron anniversary gifts

The iron anniversary marks a six-year landmark in your marriage, and it’s an occasion that’s not talked about often. Sure, we hear about the first anniversary, the fifth, tenth, or even the good old silver jubilee – but the iron anniversary goes unnoticed.
So, the burden rests on your shoulders to make it a memorable day for your partner, choosing one of our extraordinary iron gift ideas for the 6th anniversary. These gifts are carefully selected to melt the heart of your love. For your convenience, we have distributed the list into iron anniversary gifts for her and iron anniversary gifts for him.

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Her

21. Candle Holder Set

Candle Holder Set

Nothing sets a romantic mood like candles and no better place to display them than this sleek and classy black candle holder set. The cage-like shape will give you some intriguing light play, and it makes the perfect accent piece for date night. Cook her favorite meal, and present this gift to your wife over a candlelight dinner.

20. Personalized Bottle Opener

Personalized Bottle Opener

Whether your husband is a beer lover or a wine fanatic, he’ll appreciate this gesture of love displayed through a rugged bottle opener. It’s completely handmade, from the craftsmanship to the engraving, which can be customized with anything your heart desires – a date, coordinates, or name.

19. Metal Wall Plaque

Metal Wall Plaque

Husbands love their private space, especially if it’s their man cave or tool shed. Help him bring some life into there with this metal wall plaque that he can easily hang anywhere he likes. This bronzed finish décor piece will bring some femininity into his work area, and it’ll keep you near him at all times.

18. Galvanized Beer Mugs

Galvanized Beer Mugs

We’ve all seen the glass mugs and shot glasses, but it’s time to take it up a notch for your iron anniversary with this galvanized mug set. The beaten iron gives a unique and different look to these utensils, and it’ll be great for you guys to drink together or the next time your husband invites his friends over.

17. Industrial Pipe Shelf

Industrial Pipe Shelf

We know husbands are the designated handyman for all household chores, but most of them love doing so. An industrial pipe shelf is a perfect gift for him, which he can set up and use to store all his products in the bathroom or vanity area – since we know most of the shelf space is held up by you!

16. Tree Jewelry Holder

Tree Jewelry Holder

Practical iron anniversary gifts are always appreciated, similar to this jewelry holder. But it’s not your average jewelry organizer – this piece is an intricately carved out tree that comes with tiny birds perched atop the branches to add a realistic touch. Such a dainty organizer is a rare find, and if your wife is a jewelry lover, get it before it’s too late.

15. Wrought Iron Candelabra

Wrought Iron Candelabra

Ditch the old chandeliers and bring home this handmade candelabra. It’s the perfect accent piece that your wife can hang in the entrance lobby or above the dining table. Not only does the sleek black color make this accessory look elegant, but it comes with four battery-operated candles that gives it a rustic vibe.

14. Anniversary Bookmark

Anniversary Bookmark

After spending six years together, we think it’s great to look into creative iron gifts for her. If your wife is a nerd, she’ll adore this bookmark that comes hand-stamped with heartwarming quotes and cheesy one-liners. Whenever she picks up a new book, she can use this practical gift, and it will surely bring a smile to her face.

13. Entwined Hands Sculpture

Entwined Hands Sculpture

You can never go wrong with a sculpture – we trust your wife to find the perfect nook to display it in your home. Even when you’re not around her, she’ll have this gift to serve as a reminder of you, and she’ll keep it close to her heart. Plus, it’s finished in the most gorgeous bronzed polish that’ll fit right in with any home décor theme. This could easily be a great one year anniversary gift for her.

12. Wall Art Medallion

Wall Art Medallion.

After spending six years together, if you and your partner plan to buy your own house, we have just the present to transform it into a home. Adding personalized touches to it like this wall art medallion won’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but it’ll be something intimate that holds emotional value for you both. You can place it in the bedroom wall, aove the front entrance door or on the graphic wall of your TV lounge.

11. Engraved Horseshoe

Engraved Horseshoe

Among the iron gift ideas for her, we recommend you get your wife this hand-sculpted horseshoe, which comes with your names engraved on the side. She can hang it above the bedroom door or even outside the house, displaying the love and journey you guys have shared for six years. This present is the ideal blend of old techniques translated into a modern style, much like your marriage.

10. Rose Sculpture

Rose Sculpture

Roses are a universal proclamation of love; unfortunately, every flower has a shelf life – within a few days, they’ll wilt away, and only memories are left behind. How about you solidify your love with this symbolic rose sculpture that your wife can cherish forever? It looks elegant, and it can serve as a paperweight or décor item.

9. Flower Vase

Flower Vase

To sweep your wife off her feet, you need to make a statement with a unique present. Instead of buying a plain vase, opt for this intricately designed iron frame vase that features slender glass tubes for storing flowers and other plants. If your wife is a nature lover, she’ll adore this iron anniversary gift.

8. Wall Mounted Organizer

Wall Mounted Organizer

We’re hoping that after six years of showering your wife with gifts, she’ll have a fine jewelry collection that’ll beautifully fit in this wall-mounted organizer. It looks sleek. It’s black. It’ll go with any room aesthetic. And most importantly, it’s big enough to store all the small knick-knacks she owns that often don’t find a home – the ring that your gifted her on the first anniversary, the flower necklace you got her on her 31st birthday, everything!

7. Cast Iron Cufflinks

Cast Iron Cufflinks

Throw your husband out of his comfort zone with these cast iron skillet-shaped cufflinks that are fun yet adorable. They may not be his everyday pair of cufflinks, but they’re sure to get a hearty laugh from your husband, and he can wear these on special occasions, like your iron anniversary date!

6. Monogram Plaque

Monogram Plaque

Whether it’s representing the family name, your name, or his name, a monogram plaque is among the tremendous 6th-anniversary iron gifts. A plaque isn’t something he’ll buy for himself, so your anniversary is the perfect excuse to help him keep a meaningful letter close to his heart.

5. Moose Hook Set

Moose Hook Set

In the category of functional wrought iron gifts for him, we found these excellent copper finish hooks that can hold his keys, coat, bag, or even towel. We think giving your husband this gift might get him to keep his things in their designated place instead of scattering them around the house

4. Tree of Life Wall Art

Tree Jewelry Holder

From a seed to roots that grow into a stem, branches, and leaves, spreading across the land, giving shade to all the passerby’s, and providing shelter to birds and animals alike. In essence, a tree is the amalgamation of a nurturing figure, similar to the role your husband plays in your life. Wall art to symbolize the very same tree will show your husband that he’s your rock, your anchor.

3. Kettle Bells

Kettle Bells

If your partner is a gym freak and fitness fanatic, he’ll love the addition to his workout gear with this set of kettlebells. They come in various weight and color options, so you can find something to align with your husband’s needs. A man can never have enough, so this is a fail-proof gift idea.

2. Horseshoe Table Lamp

Horseshoe Table Lamp

Awaken the inner cowboy or horse lover in your husband with this horseshoe table lamp that will look perfect sitting on a tabletop or his work desk. Crafted with careful detail and style, this lamp is a great feature item that will draw everyone’s attention, and your husband will get practical use out of it too.

1. Kissing Couple Sculpture

Kissing Couple Sculpture

Every husband keeps a family portrait on his work desk, but what about a handmade iron sculpture. Specifically speaking, this kissing couple sculpture symbolizes love and sensuality, an abundant feature in your six years of marriage. We think it’s the perfect piece for your husband to hold onto as a keepsake of your wedding vows.

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