21Unique Father of the Bride Gifts That Will Make Him Proud of You

unique father of the bride gifts

As father of the bride, we know he isn’t just going through immense stress of wedding planning and organization but he’s dealing with a lot of emotions too. The beautiful bond a father and daughter share is a special and unexplainable one. A father is probably just as excited and nervous for the big day as his daughter, so why not make him feel just as special too?
Pick a subtle yet meaningful way to convey your love and gratitude to your father, father-in-law, or any soon to be father on the bride with our extensive variety of wedding gifts for father of the bride

Unique Father of the Bride Gifts from Daughter

3. Father of the Bride Gift Set

Father of the Bride Gifts Hankercheif

Now if you’re really looking to spoil your father and shower him with multiple presents, then this gift set is the match for you. It includes a mug, handkerchief, and special socks – all serving as a reminder of his daughter. These are the presents that your father will cherish and keep for a long time coming.

2. Engraved Tumbler

Black Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

While your dad makes sure your wedding day is the utmost perfect day in your life, we’re sure he’ll be running around on various errands. Show your appreciation through one of the perfect father of the bride gift ideas and get him this engraved tumbler. Nothing will speak to a father more than his daughter’s love for him!

1. Jewelry Cufflink

bells Jewellery Cufflink Father Gift

Being a daughter, you already know how attached your dad probably is and the last thing he wants to imagine is his little girl going to another house. Remind him of the times you’ve spent with him, where he’s taught you everything you know with these beautiful cufflinks that will take him on a trip down memory lane.

4. Wine Glass Tumbler

Wedding Wine Glass

We know how much dads love to relax with a glass of wine on the weekends, but make it more special with this hilariously memorable tumbler. It comes with a reminder to let him know that he survived his daughter’s wedding, and anytime he drinks out of it he’ll be transformed back to his daughter’s special day. It will also make him realize how brilliantly has he fulfilled his daughter’s responsibility.

5. Leather Wallet

Men Blocking Wallet

Get your dad a more practical present with this sleek leather wallet that can hold as many cards and change as his heart desires – now your dad won’t have to worry about carrying loose change around, or an extra card holder. Plus, you have the option to choose from multiple colors according to your father’s taste.

6. Zippo Windproof Lighter

Zippo Outdoor Indoor Windproof Lighter

Whether your dad’s out camping, needs to start a fire, or wants to light a cigarette, he will always be in need of a lighter – one that works in all sorts of environments and weather conditions. This special lighter is designed to be waterproof, so no matter how strong the winds blow or the AC spits out cool air, your dad will have a light every time.

7. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

Golf is such a retired man sport, which means your father probably loves playing it with his friends at the country club. If your father is a golfer, he probably loves the sport second to you, and it’s time you get him some customized golf balls and tees, with your favorite pictures, memorable dates or momenta. The sky is the limit!

8. Bride father T-shirt

Bride Gifts Men Tee Shirts

We’ve all heard of the famous star studded Godfather, but an even more important and award worthy role is that of the ‘bride father’. You read that right – the superhero behind the planning of the wedding and the support of the bride. The father of the bride is an unsung hero who deserves a t-shirt at least to commemorate his role.

9. Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set

4PC Cufflinks Tie Bar

After all the arrangements are done, and the big day rolls around, you want your dad to look dapper and stand out amongst the crowd. The perfect cherry on top of the dashing wedding suit are the perfect pair of accessories to go along exquisitely. Get your father this set of engraved cufflinks and tie clip to tie the look together and look his best for you.

10. Father of the Bride Special Box

Father of the Bride Socks

Finally, if you’re on the hunt for last minute unique gifts for father of the bride, your best bet is to opt for this personalized curated gift box. It includes customized socks for your father, as well as a keepsake box that he can reuse and cherish these special memories with you forever. It’s up to your father how he uses these socks – either wear them or preserve them in a frame.

Unique Father of the Bride Gifts from Groom

11. Survival Gear

Gifts for Men Dad Husband Fathers Survival Gear

As someone who’s marrying his daughter, you may want to impress the father of the bride and completely sweep him off his feet. For someone who has taken care of your wife for a large part of her life, you want to make sure you’re on his good side. Let the father know you respect him and his boundaries with this survival kit, and who knows he may even take you on the next camping trip with him. Talk about bonding with the father of the bride!

12. Funny Graphic Mug

Coffee Mug

If you want to break the ice with your father-in-law and garner a good laugh, we suggest you get him this hilarious mug that practically thanks him for not giving up his daughter for adoption. A mug like this will quickly make its way into his daily life, and he’ll enjoy the saying every time he drinks from it. We are sure he will share some hilarious moments with his daughter with you as you two sip along.

13. Personalized Waffle Robe

Personalized Waffle Kimono Robes

Another amazing way to impress your father-in-law is to get him something as luxurious and comfortable as this robe, which he can chill in all day long. He won’t be worrying about you or his daughter while he’s enjoying the comfort of this soft robe – away from all the stress and problems of life.

14. Tie Case Organizer

Tie Case Organizer for Travel

Your father-in-law must have acquired quite the collection of ties over the years, and a man can never have enough storage for them. Now presents for father of the bride must be practical just like gifts for a new mom so here it is. Help him organize his pieces with this premium quality organizer that will fit his ties perfectly. The easier you help him make his life, the easier he will be on you!

15. Fishing Lure

Melix Home Fishing Gifts for Dad

We think fishing is a great bonding activity between you and your father-in-law, and it’s the perfect time to get closer to him, man to man. In our opinion, you should plan a weekend getaway to take him fishing and present him with this fishing lure. It’ll serve as a memorable gift, as well as reassure him that his daughter is in good hands.

16. Thank You Compass Keychain

Appreciation Gift Keychain

Thanks him for the beautiful gift he bestowed you – her daughter, with this keychain. The compass represents that you appreciate the receiver from every side. You may also pair this keychain with some chocolates or any other gifts from this list.

17. Cigar and Flask Set

Black Cigar Case Flask Set

The two vices an old man loves, his liquor and his cigars. And what’s better than to combine them both for your father-in-law’s present and show him appreciation. This is a great father of the bride gift idea that goes well for any man out there. He can enjoy both his favorite things together, no matter where he goes, he can take this holder along.

18. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Retractable

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning to wake them up, even your father-in-law. But we are talking about unique father of the bride gifts, right? We suggest you give this particular coffee cup that you know he’s bound to use anytime he’s on the go and needs to take his favorite drink alongside. People would surely praise looking at your father-in-law drinking from a camera lens.

19. Rustic Bow Tie

Rustic Pre Tied Bow Tie

If your father-in-law loves to experiment with his look, or enjoys fashion, we highly recommend you check out these pre-tied handcrafted bow ties. These can quickly amplify any basic outfit, and add an extra element of color to it. Get the pink option if he’s a real risk taker or you can go for something simpler like black or green too.

20. Watch Box

Watch Box for Men

Another great father of the bride present is this watch box that you know will serve as a practical gift for your father-in-law. After all, who wouldn’t want their watches nicely displayed and neatly organized for them to take a pick in the morning? Plus, this gives you an opportunity to gush over your favorite watches together. He might explain why and how he bought each watch.

21. Appreciation Keychain

Father in Law Keychain

Lastly, we think one of the best present for father of the bride is something that shows your gratitude and appreciation for his daughter. This keychain commemorates the blessing you are thankful to your father-in-law for, and lets him know that you’re going to take care of his darling daughter well.

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