Express The News with These Will You Be My Godparents Gifts

will you be my godparents gifts

Think your parents, but cooler, fewer rules, and double the fun – the answer you get is godparents! They’re a blessing in our lives, who help navigate and pull us out of sticky situations when we cannot reach out for help from anyone else.
These guardian angels have a lifelong relationship with their godchildren, and to commemorate the start of this beautiful relationship, one should have a special present. Here you’ll find some heartfelt asking godparent ideas that you can use.

Think Out of the Box with These Will You Be My Godparents Gifts

1. Godmother Puzzle

Godmother Puzzle gift

Life is an ongoing mystery, and it only fits that you ask the future godmother in a fun and mysterious manner. Hit her with this gift when she least expects it – seemingly an innocent puzzle at first, once solved,2 will reveal a much more special and intimate outcome. Take her on an emotional rollercoaster ride with this unique will you be my godmother gift.

2. Godfather Baby Bodysuit

Godfather Baby Bodysuit

In our opinion, the best way to break your pregnancy news and ask the to-be godfather the big question simultaneously is through this gift. First, he’ll unbox the baby bodysuit and feel ecstatic for you until his eyes fall upon the big question written at the front. A simple yet effective way to leave a mark and create a memorable moment.

8. Godparents Proposal Card

Godparents Proposal Card

Godparent cards are never going to get old-fashioned. Make the moment special for both godparents using these matching scratch-off card sets. Watch the joy on both their faces as they discover the decision you’ve taken to hand their precious child into your custody. Cards are always great memorabilia to keep for years to come as well.

7. Godmother Tumbler

Godmother tumbler

A non-conventional but practical approach you can take is to get the godmother a tumbler stating her position. She’ll be overjoyed to be a part of her godchild’s life, and a tumbler is a perfect way to flaunt her newfound role. You can customize the color of the tumbler and the text to make it exactly as she likes it.

6. Pint and Wineglass Set

Pint And Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

Parents might be the designated drivers and caretakers for their children, but who’s stopping the godparents from having a little fun. While they’re off-duty, help them unwind and relax with this matching his and hers drinking glass set. There is nothing like thanking them for their service with chilled liquor to enjoy in these glasses on their time off.

5. Godparents Card

Godparents Card

For all the fun-loving godparents, you must use a crazy way to blurt out the news, such as this scratch-off card. Plain at first glance, but once you make the godparents work for it, they’ll have the glaring question right in front. To make the moment even more special, you could write a personalized message for the godparents inside the card, a keepsake they’ll hold forever. Proposal gifts are very special, be it for the grandparents or the godparents. You would want to make it unforgettable for them.

4. Angel’s Embrace Sculpture

Basswood Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s a known fact – our godparents are angels on earth for us. Quite literally. So what better way to show them recognition and appreciation than through this beautiful hand-sculpted figurine representing an angel’s warm embrace, much like that of your godparents. You can attach a card with it or announce the news verbally. It could make an ideal and memorable will you be my godparents gifts.

3. Scratch-off Card

Scratch Off Card

Another popular technique to employ while taking the fun route for asking the big question is scratch cards. They sure unleash prizes like a candy box, a fluffy toy or a bike but use them to your advantage for the big new. They look innocent initially, if not confusing for the godmother. As she scratches the card, the question is revealed to her – slowly building up the emotions and pulling at her heartstrings.

9. Pop Me Proposal Box

Pop Me Proposal Box

We’ve all heard about using balloons for gender reveals, but how about switching things up a little? Use this curated proposal box that comes along with a beautiful gold embossed balloon, which the godparents can pop to find the million-dollar question. It’s the perfect way to make a grand gesture and make them feel special.

10. Godmother Mug

Godmother Mug

Mugs might be a common gift to give, but they’re so widely popular for a reason. The future godmother cannot have too many mugs, whether she displays them on her work desk or sips her hot coffee from it. It’s the best way to declare to the world that she is a godmother!

11. Plant Tag

Plant Tag

If your future godparents have a green thumb, you are just in luck with this asking godparent’s gift. A plant tag can be discreetly placed in a new plant or tree that you get for their home, and surprise them with it at their doorstep. Not only will they have a new addition to their garden, but their lives as well.

12. Godmother Bangle

Godmother Bangle

Jewelry is an intimate and beautiful way to express your love for someone as special as a godmother. This gold bracelet is intricate and elegant, so it won’t be too overbearing to wear daily – a luxurious way to add to the godmother’s collection while making her feel loved.

13. Fairy Godmother Mug

Fairy Godmother Mug

Instead of opting for a plain old mug, make a bold and over-the-top gesture with this fairy godmother mug. We’ve all seen Cinderella, a movie which wouldn’t be complete without the efforts of the fairy godmother. Well, who’s to say they only exist in movies, they’re very much real, and they’re very much a part of your life too now.

14. Infinity Necklace

Infinity Necklace

Just as a parent’s love is forever, a godparent’s role in your child’s life will be just as integral and important. From the first steps to their first heartbreak, the relationship will last forever – dare we say for infinity? This infinity necklace is the perfect symbolism of the strong and unbreakable bond with the godmother.

15. Godfather Proposal Box

Godfather Proposal Box

Godfathers deserve a special will you be my godfather gift idea too, which is why we suggest getting them this proposal box that comes beautifully packaged with a personalized Pilsner glass. The luxurious experience of opening up a wrapped box prepared just for him revealing this precious glass will be unmatched.

16. Glass Ornament

Glass Ornament

Most families love to build their ornament collection, adding special trinkets each year, be it a gift from a loved one or a souvenir from a vacation. We don’t think any ornament is more precious than the one asking your loved ones to be godparents. The sparkling glass ornament will shine just as bright as the love between your child and their godparents.

17. Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzle

Here’s another addition to the godparent asking ideas. We’ve talked about a direct approach, but how about not making it obvious what the present entails? A puzzle like this one only comes with a cute baby picture, insinuating too many different possibilities. Sure it can be a pregnancy announcement, but with this puzzle, you’ll catch them completely by surprise when you pop the godparent’s questions.

18. Godfather Proposal Mug

Godfather Proposal Mug

Gift the soon-to-be godfather with his very own personalized mug to drink his favorite beverages from every day. A mug is a versatile gift that can even translate into home décor, and it’ll look rather heartwarming placed on a shelf, visible to him whenever he passes by.

19. Funny Godparents Card

Funny Godparents Card

We think making a serious announcement in a lighthearted fashion is the best way to approach this situation and the best way is this scratch card. It would be best to get this gift for all the fun-loving godparents that you enjoy a good laugh with. Trust us.

20. Matching Tumblers

Matching Tumblers

If your godparents are a couple or even good friends, it’s always a great idea to get them matching gifts like these his and hers tumblers. Neither of them will feel left out, and each of them will have their tumblers in memory of their future godchild.

21. Wooden Plaque

Wooden Plaque

Go all out with this heartfelt declaration of love for the godfather with this handcrafted wooden plaque. It perfectly encompasses all the feelings you want to express but may be unable to deliver through words. Plus, it’ll look great hanging around their space too.

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