You’re going to Be Grandparents Gifts That Will Take Them by Surprise

you re going to be grandparents gifts

Grandparents are the best. They always save you from your parent’s anger and spoil you rotten. So, when the time comes to deliver the good news to your parents – make sure you do it the right way. You’re going to be grandparents gifts!

Our list comprises of creative grandparents to be gifts that you can give to let them know your family will be expanding soon.

19 You’re going to Be Grandparents Gifts You Probably Didn’t Think About

1. 15 Peace Jigsaw Puzzle

Basswood Jigsaw Puzzle

Our first option is targeted as the ideal gifts for grandma to be, since we all know what a beautiful bond a child shares with their mother – so it’s only fair she hears first. Although, your dad will indeed be helping her put the basswood pieces together. It is a fun activity that will surely give your parents a run for their money.

2. Coming Soon Bodysuit

Pregnancy Announcement Gift

Keep things straightforward with this adorable bodysuit that delivers the message instantly. Seeing those golden words written across the front will instantly melt the hearts of your parents. The tiny outfit will already have them imagining all the shopping they’ll be dying to do.

3. Hand-Sculpted Keepsake Box

Willow Tree Grandmother

You already know your parents will be obsessed with your child before he/she even enters the world. Gifting them a hand-sculpted box will deliver the message and serve as a container to store small memories along the way. The keepsakes stored in this box will always bring back beautiful memories for your parents.

4. Surprise Announcement

Bump and Beyond Designs

In case you’re looking to mess with your parents real good, we have the perfect option for you. Instead of going the standard route, gift them this bodysuit that says, “guess what?”. This extra soft cotton blend bodysuit will be a memory for your parents that they will cherish for a lifetime to come.

5. Sonogram Frame

Love at First Sight frame

A sonogram is the most intimate way to deliver special news. Nothing will make the news more real than seeing their grandchild in its most tangible form. The sleek glass frame will look beautiful, decorated on a mantelpiece or kept on a bedside table. It will serve as a constant reminder of the bundle of joy soon to be entering the world.

6. Coffee Mug Set

Grandpa & Grandma Coffee Mug

This is a cute idea for both your parents since you will be surprising them with individual gifts. Consider this one of the best gifts for expectant grandparents, as they will both have something to use and think of their soon-to-be grandchild. Plus, who doesn’t need a mug for their morning coffee or tea?

7. Smart Security Camera

Indoor Smart Security Camera

Hear us out. We know it’s an unconventional way to break the news but think about it. Gifting them a security camera with a monitor screen is the perfect way to let them know while you set up the house with signs of your pregnancy. Arrange pregnancy banners in the whole house and ask them to view them on the camera. Kill two birds with one stone, and invest in this smart display camera.

8. Memory Book

Memories for My Grandchild

We often look back and wish we had recorded our precious memories, especially when we want to share them with our grandchildren. This memory book will keep grandparents occupied as they fill in all the first moments with your kids or note down any particular dates. The journal comes with guided questions and prompts to make the task all the easier!

9. Pregnancy Reveal Coffee Mug

Pregnant Coffee Mug

Another great option if you want to make the grandparents work to hear the good news! Instead of displaying the news explicitly, this unique mug displays the words on the mug’s inner bottom side. Brew a cup of hot coffee for your parents and wait for them to reach the end for a bonus. They will definitely not see it coming!

10. Scratch off Cards

Pregnancy Announcement Replica

If your parents are lottery lovers – we have just the thing for you. Buy these completely real-looking scratch-off cards that your unsuspecting parents will never realize holds a deeper meaning. The set comes with five identical cards and envelopes, so you can wrap them up and deliver them to the soon-to-be grandparents.

11. Trump Announcement Mug

Announcement TrumpCoffee Mug Gift

For all the jokester grandparents, they’ll love this announcement gift. A mug with none other than Donald Trump delivering them the good news. Not only will your parents have a hearty laugh, but it will be a rather funny story to tell their grandkids. You have the option to choose from a plethora of family member choices, so they each get their mug.

12. Glitter Banner

Pregnant Gold Glitter

Sometimes, all you want to do is host a family gathering, surprise your parents and share a warm meal. Take the shorter route, and get this gold banner to set up in your parents’ house to surprise them. Maybe even invite a few other friends and family to make the event even more memorable.

13. Crown Set

New Grandma Gifts

Grandmothers always share a special bond with their grandchildren – they always pamper them the most. If you want a personalized way to deliver the news to your mom, get her this set that includes a soon-to-be grandma sash and crown. Make your mom feel loved and appreciated; trust us, she’d love to feel like a queen for a day.

14. Grandma Keychain

New Grandma Gift Keychain

While we’re on the topic of making the news delivery special for grandmothers, another great option is this keychain. It features the most adorable charm of baby feet, along with a heartwarming message on the banner. Each time your mom picks up her keys, her heart will be filled with love for her incoming grandchild.

15. Gender Reveal Mug- Girl

Gender Reveal Mug

If you want to skip all the formalities and jump straight into a gender reveal, opt for this color-changing mug. The unique ink on the mug is only revealed once a hot beverage is poured inside. Gift the grandparents to be with this mug, and wait till they use the mug for a hot drink- you’ll receive the excited phone call soon enough.

16. Gender Reveal Mug-Boy

Gender Reveal Mug boy

Like the option we mentioned above, if your parents are about to have a grandson, gift them this mug instead. We have you covered on both fronts. Plus, these mugs are completely microwave-proof and will indeed be used by the grandparents well after meeting their grandchildren.

17. Pregnancy Reveal Spoon

Grandma Pregnancy Reveal Spoon

We bet you didn’t think of using a spoon to break the big news. Well, now you can! This spoon comes with a delicate engraving to let your mom know she’s about to be a grandma. A functional present like this will come in handy for later use while also creating lasting memories.

18. Baby Reveal Mug

Grandparents Coffee Tea Mug

Amongst all the other mugs we mentioned, this one is significantly distinct. It is specially geared towards all those families that are dog-owners and pet lovers. This mug is a great way to include your pet dog in the celebrations as well. Let your mom know she isn’t just a dog grandma anymore with this beautiful mug.

19. Message Board

Photo Sharing Baby

Leave a message for the clueless grandparents, who won’t see you coming from a mile away. Arrange the news in your way on this letter board, whether you want to surprise them with it or hand it to them directly. The board will always come in handy in the future if there are more grandchildren on the way.

Other Ways of Expressing Your Pregnancy to Grandparents

We threw in some ideas you can easily craft as gifts for expecting grandparents for all those enterprising people who love DIY projects.

Create a riddle game or a treasure hunt, which will lead the grandparents to the ultimate answer they are looking for. Get a blackboard and write a heartfelt, personalized message according to your parents. You could even set up a camera and secretly record their reaction.

Compile video clips of your journey of finding out about your pregnancy and create a short clip. Add some emotional music and some baby pictures too; there won’t be a dry eye left in the room.

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